Tri-Stack® Smart System

2017-03-23The Smart System maintains safe ventilation levels while minimizing facility energy costs and carbon footprint. Controlling to a static pressure set point in your duct-work, the Smart System dynamically measures fan performance, allowing it to safely control fan speed while never dropping below a minimum outlet velocity and stack height. Once fan speed is reduced to reach a minimum outlet velocity, bypass dampers are adjusted to meet lower building demand.

System Response
The Smart System is designed to quickly respond to fan failures and other shocks to the system. In the event of a fan failure, a backup fan will immediately ramp up to speed, restoring system pressure quickly. In addition an alarm will be sent via email or text message to one or several people simultaneously to notify them of the failure.


Installation of the Smart System can help your building obtain LEED points for overall building energy efficiency. The Smart System helps obtain points for “Optimizing Energy Performance” by reducing the energy consumption of your exhaust air, and for “Measurement and Verification” by providing the ability to trend performance of your exhaust system.


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