Raised Floor/ UFAD

7ANEMOSTAT offers a complete line of air distribution and air terminal products. ANEMOSTAT has the air devices to meet every need. Designers can be assured that ANEMOSTAT is the right choice for their air distribution needs.

UFAD – Under Floor Air Distribution

  • RFAP – Air flow Panels
  • CLP – Continuous Linear Plenums
  • RFLG – Linear Diffusers
  • RFRG – Rectangular Diffusers
  • RFSD – Swirl Diffusers
  • RFDD – Displacement Diffusers

Modular Wiring

  • Power Distribution Boxes
  • Cable Set
  • Flex Plug and Play Boxes

Raised Access Floors

  • FS Series – Filled-Steel Panel System
  • SC Series – Slab Core Panel System
  • WC Series – Wood Core Panel System
  • Low Profile Series – Access Floor System


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